Women Online Reveal If They Would Marry A Man With No Source Of Income Or A Job

Because the idea of a woman being financially independent and having a job which requires her to leave the four walls of her home is something that has taken our patriarchal society a long time to accept, women have been dependent on men for generations. Our society’s idea, still is, that a man should be the sole breadwinner of the family while the woman should be the caregiver.

However, in today’s day and age, it is crucial for both partners to have a steady income and a stable job if they want to live a comfortable life. Putting the onus on any one person is too much pressure. This is aside from the fact that everyone, irrespective of gender, must be financially independent.

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But what if the table was turned a little? Innumerable men have supported their wives financially throughout generations, some out of choice and some out of obligation, while she took care of the entire household. Would a woman marry a man who has no source of income?

Would you marry your partner if they did not have a stable or no source of income? Why or why not? from AskWomen

Several women on Reddit under the subreddit r/AskWomen answered this question. There were various different answers. Have a look:

1. If the guy is ambitious but something unfortunate happened for which they lost their job then yes, women would support them.

2. Some were not okay with compromising on their comfort after supporting another person.

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3. Temporary setbacks are okay. But a permanent situation is not.

4. There are many other ways to contribute to the household than just money.

5. Both partners have to be financially stable.

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6. It goes both ways.

7. As long as he has a plan to do something with his life.

8. He can also become a homemaker.

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9. A strict no.

What are your views on this?

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