6 Countries Winning The Coronavirus Battle Have 1 Thing In Common – Women Leaders

An earlier highly regarded study by Georgetown University revealed how people, even in today’s age, had “serious doubts” regarding women taking on political roles. Women, by a large number of people, are considered to be unfit for politics as they are “more emotional” than men. This comes from a deep-rooted stereotype of a woman’s role as a nurturer and is believed by many, who are threatened by women leaders.

However, tossing that stereotype out of the window, women leaders across the world are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic far better than their male counterparts, reports News18.

New Zealand, led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, is currently witnessing a drop in coronavirus cases for 4 straight days, something that many countries “wished they could achieve”, reports CNN. The Washington Post claimed how “New Zealand isn’t just flattening the curve. It’s squashing it.”

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Headed by Angela Merkel, Germany has been ahead of the curve too. Rapid testing, a boost in its supply of ICU beds and ventilators, and the early imposition of social-distancing are just a few of the reasons why Germany’s mortality rate is as low as 0.6%.

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Belgium, headed by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, currently has a recovery rate of 67%. She imposed a lockdown just as the 10th coronavirus death occurred.

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Iceland, led by Katrín Jakobsdóttir, has not just seen a 99% recovery rate, but the number of coronavirus cases has dropped since April 2nd. Finland too has experienced an 88% recovery rate under Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s governance.

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Denmark, led by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, has also witnessed a drop in coronavirus cases since April 6th. They have announced the reopening of day-care centres and schools.

People on the internet are cheering for the remarkable female leaders who are now an example for the rest of the world to follow:


The future is female!

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