Women, Young & Old, Reveal Instances Of Being Shamed For Clothes They Chose To Wear

If you are a woman, you probably have come across unsolicited comments about the kind of clothes you choose to wear. There is always one parent, one guy, or one pados wali aunty who will think your clothes are inappropriate for your age. I remember being asked not to wear T-shirts but kurtis instead when I turned 13!

Women on Reddit have been having similar discussions of people telling them to dress a certain way according to their age. As it turns out, there is no winning and there is no end to this.

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Many young women complained of being told they dress “provocatively” or “like an old woman”, while older women revealed how they are often shamed for dressing like younger women.

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Some said that there shouldn’t be a problem if you dress according to the occasion. One can choose to wear ripped jeans or a crop top casually while gardening or picking up the groceries.

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As women, no matter what we say or do, we will be scrutinized constantly. Therefore, instead of paying much heed to it, let us do our thing anyway. What do you think?

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