Woman Matches With Ortho Doctor On Bumble, He Gives Her Prescription For Neck & Back Pain

Dating apps are not just for finding romantic interests and dating anymore. Today, dating apps are multipurpose; you can use them for househunting, finding new jobs, building your professional network, hiring a plumber and whatnot!

For example, a woman named Saniya Dhawan shared on X (formerly Twitter) how she matched with an Orthopedia doctor on Bumble and during their conversation, she mentioned how she was experiencing neck and back pain. After hearing about her plight, the doctor went on to write her a prescription to tackle her pain!

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After recommending a few medicines, he asked her to take care of her posture and apply hot packs.

“Matched with an Ortho doctor on Bumble and randomly told him that I am experiencing neck and shoulder pain. He asked me some questions around it and then wrote me a prescription, this is so sweet,” she wrote.

Have a look:

People were left amazed by this and also went on to explore the kind of services they could get via dating apps if they ever matched with therapists, chartered accountants and other professionals! 😛

Here’s a look at how some of them reacted:

Dating apps could consider changing their advertisements from finding love to finding life-saving services. 😀

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