Bengaluru Woman Creates Tinder & Hinge Profiles Of Room To Find A Flatmate, See Pics

If you think that all apps can be used as dating apps if you try hard enough, let me tell you that all apps can be used as roommate-finding apps if you try hard enough as well! So here’s the thing. A 22-year-old woman named Karuna Tata opened Tinder and Hinge profiles for her room to find a “match” (read: flatmate). She named the room ‘Kholi number 420’ and specified that the room is part of a 3 BHK in Bengaluru’s Singasandra.

On the profile bio is written, “I’m queen of aesthetics, just add fairy lights,” and then in Hindi is written, “I stay in Singasandra where near the Bengaluru traffic lies supermarkets and pharmacies. I am modern so there are no restrictions on veg/non-veg and we all like to bring friends.”

Here’s a look at some of the screenshots of the profile:

This is just the Tinder profile. There’s a Hinge profile as well!

The room wants a long-term relationship but is open to short.

Here’s a peek into the room:

Somebody rent this room already!

“Is this a startup idea or a peak Bengaluru moment in desparate times? Anyways meet kholi number 420 who’s on tinder to get matched with potential flatmates to replace me,” Karuna wrote on X.

Have a look at her posts here:

Modern problems require modern solutions, people! 😛

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