Bengaluru Woman Says She Needs AC For The 1st Time In 20 Years As Temperature Soars In City

If you ask somebody living in Bengaluru to tell you the best thing about the city, the first thing they would unflinchingly say is how awesome the weather is. People living in Bengaluru have always boasted about how great the weather is. Most of the year, it tends to be just at the right temperature – the mornings are pleasant, evenings witness bouts of rainfall and nights are windy and chilly. A majority of homes do not have ACs because they don’t need it!

However, this year, Bengaluru witnessed a major plot twist. The temperature recently rose up to 40 degrees – a feat that’s unimaginable for Bengaluru. As heatwave gripped the nation, the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ wasn’t spared as well.

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A woman named Prerana took to X to share how she never thought that she would need an AC inside her home and stated that people who defended the city could no longer play the ‘weather’ card as the heat is “unbearable”.

“Never in my 20 years in Bangalore, I ever thought we would need an AC. Earlier say anything about this city and people would defend it with the pleasant weather. Bangaloreans can no longer play the ‘weather’ card. What is this heat even? It’s as if I’m staying in Rajasthan. Every year summer is harsher than the previous year. The heat is unbearable,” she wrote, attaching a picture of her spacious room with an AC.

Have a look:

Many people online agreed with what she said as they mapped Bengaluru’s journey from having chilly weather year-round to experiencing scorching heat. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Bengaluru, what is happening to you! *cries*

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