Woman In Love With A Plane For 5 Years, Sleeps With Its Mini Model & Wants To Marry It

People usually say that love knows no time and boundaries – it can happen anywhere and with anyone. What they don’t mention is that love can happen even with objects. Remember the woman who loved her ‘rajai’ so much that she married it? Well, I’m talking about something on those lines!

According to a report by Mirror UK, a 30-year-old woman named Michele Köbke from Berlin, Germany, has been in a 5-year romantic relationship with a plane and wants to marry it!

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The majestic Boeing 737-800 has been the love of her life. In fact, she nicknamed the plane “Schatz” which means “Darling”.

“The 737-800 is very attractive and sexy to me. He’s the most beautifully built, and he’s a very attractive and elegant aircraft,” she said.

It was in November 2013 that she boarded her first flight and instantly she developed a “weakness” for planes. However, in March 2014, she boarded her first 737-800 and fell in love!

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However, Michele said that a relationship with a plane is a difficult one as she hardly gets to spend time with it.

“I can only get close to him when I fly with him or when I can get to him in the hangar, which has only happened once in my life.”

But she has found other ways to “indulge in her affection”. She has a big model of the plane built using fibreglass for her to cuddle and kiss.

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The most irresistible aspect of the plane are the winglets.

“When I touch his wings, I get immediately sweaty palms and get excited,” Michele said.

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Michele’s love for the airplane is actually called ‘objectophilia‘ – sexual/romantic attraction towards inanimate objects. However, she feels that her relationship is harmless and that society needs to be more accepting of this.

“It’s like a normal relationship, we have relaxing evenings together and when we go to bed, we cuddle and fall asleep together…I wish it was more accepted in society, there are always people who don’t accept it,” she said.

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Her one and only wish is to marry the Boeing 737-800 and live with it in a hanger!

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What can we say? Love finds it’s way after all…sometimes in weird ways!