49-Year Old Woman Loves Her ‘Rajai’ So Much That She’s Decided To Marry It

Let’s get real – the best and the most affectionate relationship we have in this world is with our beds. It’s just so difficult to leave our beds in the morning (especially in this weather) and we can’t wait to get back to it at the end of the day!

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However, this woman took her love for soft quilts a bit too far!

Pascale Sellick, a woman from Devon, is planning to get married to her duvet!

In case you are wondering what a duvet is, it’s a soft quilt filled with feathers or synthetic fiber.

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The 49-year old is all set to have a lavish wedding ceremony with music, laughter, and a lot of entertainment!

She says that while people might judge the wedding of a woman to her duvet, there is no one who could ever live without them.

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She tells Devon Live that her duvet is the “longest, strongest, most intimate, and reliable relationship” she has ever had. It’s always been there for her and also gives her great hugs.

“I love my duvet so much I would like to invite people to witness my union with the most constant, comforting companion in my life.”

This very unusual wedding ceremony will take place on February 10 at The Glorious Art House in Fore Street in Devon.

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According to sources, the dress code is dressing gowns, pajamas, onesies, and slippers with the option of also bringing cuddly teddies or hot water bottles if there is a cold wind.

She has also planned a two-week all-inclusive honeymoon at Ikea in the bedroom department!

Watch the video here:

To think of it, the idea doesn’t sound so bad after all!

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