This Woman Set Up An Airbnb Exclusively For Dogs, Never Knowing It Would Be Her Dream Job!

We, dog lovers, are aware of the fact that these creatures love their human more than they love themselves. Their super cute face, adorable gestures and wagging of the tail are things we can gaze at forever. They have the ability to make an individual’s life happy like never before and there are no two ways about it.

Today we talk about a woman who set up an Airbnb for dogs which has helped her fight depression. Elaine Warburton, a former policewoman from Scotlandwell in Scotland, admits that her initiative has played a major role in improving her mental health.

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In 2014, along with her childhood friend John, she took over Barking Mad, a dog boarding experience. According to NDTV, her service now helps connect dogs whose owners are away on vacation with host families across the UK. This is a whole new experience for the paws as they get the chance to live with a new family and experience something refreshing which is not the case in traditional kennels.

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“It’s a win for everyone involved. The dogs are thrilled to explore a brand new environment and the hosts, who are often retired, get to experience the joy of having a pet without the long-term commitment.”

She explains that her fight for depression for over 20 years has been made much easier by this unique set up and now she is no longer in the same state. While she accepts that people think her to be insane for going the extra mile and helping these canines, she knows the miracle these four-legged creatures have pulled off for her.

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“The dogs keep me on an even keel and my anti-depressant medication is at the lowest it’s been in a long time – I’m in much better frame of mind these days.”

“People may think I’m barking mad for doing this, but at least I’m no longer depressed!”

So, if you are struggling to cope up with depression, here is a way you might like to try out.