TV Actor Brings His 5-Month-Old Baby To Sets, Just So His Wife Can Go Back To Work

When we think of the coolest dads, our minds probably jump to SRK’s dad from DDLJ and Amitabh Bachchan in Piku. Now TV actor Waseem Mushtaq who is seen in the series Sasural Simar Ka 2, is setting major parenting goals in real life.

Waseem was recently in the news for bringing his 5-month-old son to the sets so that his wife can resume work. For the uninitiated, Waseem and his wife Ayshaa Mushtaq are parents to two sons Mikhail and Reyaan. TOI reports Waseem expressing that he feels equally responsible towards his kids.

He explains, “As a parent, I do not want my wife to only be responsible towards our kid. I feel as a parent it’s our responsibility. In our society mostly there is a culture that mother has to compromise on work and take responsibility of our kids. But I’m not one, who agree to this. At times, when my wife goes to work and I bring my son along with me on the sets. We both equally put efforts to their upbringing.” 

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He reveals that fathers are great caretakers and goes on to elaborate, “I feel a dad’s role in a child’s well-being is very important. Fathers teach many important lessons to a child, like how to be affectionate and supportive, and how to take care of everyone else by giving the best example, and all of this while being great examples themselves. Fathers make their little ones feel safe and secure.

“They teach their little ones to walk, to jump higher, and to always aim for the best. This is why is so important to recognise the labor of all of those involved fathers that are day by day supporting their families. Like my father was always around for me, I want to be same to my sons,” he signs off.

More power to you, Waseem!

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