10 Things You Experience When You Have The Coolest Dad


To have a cool dad is like the coolest thing ever. You want to rush back home to tell him everything about your day, and can never keep secrets from him. His thoughts have evolved over time, and this makes him the best adviser of your life. He understands you and the thoughts of your generation. This one is for all the cool dads out there.

Check out the things you experience when you have the coolest dad ever.

1. He knows all your friends by their names and faces

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Your friends love to meet him and spend time with him.


2. He cracks jokes during an intense conversation to keep the mood light

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And you know where your sense of humor has come from. ūüėõ


3. He cooks your favorite dish whenever you crave for it

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Only he can cook it the best, and he loves cooking for you.


4. You can tell him about the fights you had with friends without thinking twice

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He won’t judge either of you and give you proper advice.


5. He instantly figures out when you have a crush on someone

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He will tease you with that person‚Äôs name and embarrass you. ūüėČ


6. He motivates you to go ahead for trips, treks, and social gatherings

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He believes that these things are really important to become a well-mannered person. There is always a green signal.


7. You had your first beer with him

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With that, he also gave a small lecture about how you should be careful after drinking.


8. His taste in music, movies, books is simply classy

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And sometimes you wonder when in the world will you get that class.


9. He is hopelessly romantic with your mom and embarrasses her often

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It is fun to watch them act like kids.


10. He is accepting of the changing times and grows with it

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He holds onto his old beliefs, and also understands you and your generation. That is his secret behind striking the perfect balance.

That‚Äôs how cool dads are, they motivate you to be yourself, to have your views and pick you up every time you fall. Cheers to all the cool dads ūüėČ

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