Andheri & Malad Railway Stations Get Their Own ‘Yamraj’ Who Stops People From Trespassing

There have been abundant cases of accidents and deaths on train tracks due to trespassing that no amount of fines could stop. According to a report by The Hindu, 721 deaths due to trespassing on both Central and Western Railway have been recorded in the first half of the year alone.

To curb this situation, the Western Railway has come up with a rather creative solution. According to a report by News18, they have hired Yamraj, the God of Death, to stop trespassers from crossing unmanned paths and carry them back to safety.

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This “awareness campaign” has been carried out in two stations – Andheri and Malad. These stations are popular for people jumping on the tracks to get to the other side.

Western Railway took to Twitter to post a video of Yamraj catching 2 trespassers and escorting them back to safety. While walking with them, he says, “Jo bhi patri cross karega usse utha hi leke jaunga”, and adds the signature Yamraj-laugh to it!

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Watch the video here:

According to the report, the Western Railway dressed up a jawan from the Railway Police Force as Yamraj to educate passengers on trespassing and its implications.

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“Do not cross the track unauthorizedly, it can be fatal. If you cross the track in an unauthorized way, then Yamraj is standing in front. In Mumbai, people are being made aware through the character of ‘Yamraj’ by RPF”, wrote the Ministry of Railways on Twitter.

People on the internet are having a good laugh watching the videos! Some even went on to appreciate the creative effort put in by the Western Railway.

We don’t know how successful will this Yamraj be in preventing accidents on tracks. However, trespassing has been a very significant issue and stricter steps by railway authorities should be taken to prevent accidents.