Vadodara Man’s Stunning Weight-Loss Journey From 136 Kgs To 64 Kgs Is Fuc’Inspiring

It is not news that in today’s world, people are judged by their looks and body-shamed (fat and skinny).  But thank God for people who do not succumb to the condescending pressure and take it as a challenge.

Meet Nainesh Chainani, a young lad from a typical Sindhi family who was an introvert as a child. Incidentally, he was also the chubbiest of his class. 


Of course, we love to indulge in ghar ka khana but it was his sedentary lifestyle that pushed him to places that gave his confidence a big blow. It was that time when he weighed around 136 kgs. Until, one day. 


That’s right. After a prolonged period of procrastination, starting from 2006, Naynesh looks like a different man today and it’s a transformation for the books. From 136 kgs to 64.5 kgs.


From the person who could sleep for 21 straight hours to the person who ran 21 kms half marathon, Nainesh is handing out fitness goals. As of now:

Age: 27
Height: 5’8″
Before: Sep’14: Weight: 136 Kgs. Waistline: 46″ Bodyfat: Never Checked (Regret)
After: Sep’16: Weight: 64 Kgs. Waistline: 30″ Bodyfat: 11%


When asked as to what triggered him to lose weight, Nainesh told Storypick,


“Things got worse as not just me but my parents also felt ashamed with the way I looked. To the point that I wasn’t allowed to attend my cousin’s wedding. Reason being the way I looked, and I don’t blame them, I am sure no parent would want people to laugh at their kid for the way he/she looks.
This denial of not being able to attend the wedding hit me hard. It acted as an eye opener and was enough to wake up the lazy couch potato, who hadn’t been doing any physical activity since a few years plus the extra pounds which weighed me down and left me feeling more lazy & lethargic.”


But it didn’t come easy for the chap. It took unstinted efforts and a lot of determination to reach where he is at. weight

“I started with making healthy choices like going for small walks at least 5-6 days a week, trying not to eat anything with a lot of oil, cheese and sugar, but I didn’t put my 100% into it. Maybe I didn’t want to rush things up this time as I really wanted the results to last forever. Hence, I started bringing in changes slowly but at a consistent pace.”


He also shed light on the kind of activities he did to reach his goal. 


“I started with 40 minutes of walk 5 days a week, next week i increased to 6 days, after that i kept on adding 5-10 minutes every 1-2 weeks.

Sundays were compulsory rest days!”

It is important to note that the body needs a shock once a week otherwise it gets used to your diet which is why Nainesh used all his Sundays to eat anything and everything. In fact, he would write down things he craved for, from Monday to Saturday, and ate them on Sundays. Thus he fulfilled all his cravings and in return stayed focused on his goals. Win win, isn’t it?


When asked about his advice for people who wish to lead a healthy life, Nainesh had brilliant tips to offer.


Weighing scale: What gets measured, gets managed! Investing in a nice digital scale will help you track those small changes which will help you plan your course of action.

Activity tracker: Investing in an activity tracker is also a very good call as it will help you track your calories burnt, steps taken, distance covered, floors climbed, heart rate and even sleep quality.

Maintain a book of goals & stats. Write your current weight, your current body fat %, your current muscle mass, your current overall body measurements, your current Avg. daily active minutes, a short summary on your current energy levels, etc. and make sure you write every week or max 15 days.

Keep your phone aside when working out! The current generation is addicted to the phone, people using their phone on a treadmill, other cardio machines and even while resting between sets. One will start checking their Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or text messages and will start replying. What happens here is all your attention is diverted towards your phone and you lose the track of your workout.

The gym is not a place to socialise, hang out with friends, chit-chat have a gala time – we have cafes for that. It is a place wherein you go to get results, change your body, get better, grow that muscle, burn that fat, increase your strength, up your stamina, challenge yourself to become a better you. Focus on these aspects, stick to the reason why you came to the gym: “to workout!”

Want lasting results? Go slow
Increase your pace! Every week
Increase your intensity! Every week
Increase your active minutes! Every week
Increase your restrictions on unhealthy food! Every week

“If I can manage to knock down 71 Kgs in 24 months with such slow but consistent approach anyone can do it! Start before it’s too late!”

Say, now you have the motivation to hit the gym? Mutual feelings, my friend! Thank you for the push, Nainesh. May you keep doing so!