Virat Kohli’s Workout Video On Instagram Shows He’s A Monster Packed In A Human Body

There is something inhuman about the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli that makes no feat impossible for him. He’s almost invincible and fierce as King Leonidas of Sparta! Maybe, he was the chosen one but destiny is not obliged to reveal itself to someone who hasn’t given it all to achieve the greatest heights!

Scoring an incredible double century and leading his team to victory, Kohli partied hard with his teammates in Antigua but it wasn’t long before Kohli headed back to the gym to sweat it out because he knows what’s important!

The Herculean exercise that Virat is seen pulling off in this Instagram post by the cricket is called ‘snatch’, a way of weight-lifting that requires a very intense fitness routine.


The 28-year-old cricketer had a the most appropriate caption for this inspiring Instagram post and it went something like this:

Train hard or dont train at all. Hard work has no shortcuts. Love my lifting sessions.

This man is a legend in the making!

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