Despite India’s Loss, Virat & Dhoni Congratulate Pak Cricketers, Desis Call It ‘Sportsmanship’

India Vs Pakistan – these words alone are enough to glue every citizen from both countries glued to their television screens. And that is what happened last night. Even though India was defeated by 10 wickets, the match ended on a beautiful note.

According to NDTV, Team India mentor MS Dhoni and Captain Virat Kohli were seen interacting with and congratulating Pakistan cricketers. Virat was spotted hugging Rizwan and shaking hands with Babbar, pictures of which were shared online by many, including Irfan Pathan who called it the “Spirit of cricket”.

Many called Kohli graceful and the moment a true example of sportsmanship despite India’s loss.

Pictures of MS Dhoni warmly speaking with Azam, Shoaib Malik and Imad Wasim too were posted online.

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Besides this, several Indians took to social media to congratulate Pakistan on their win, giving credit where it is due.


It is truly incredible to see how a game of cricket can bring two nations together. This is the magic of sports! 🙂

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