Here’s Why India Vs Pakistan Cricket Matches Will Always Be Special

No matter how much overdosed we are with premier league cricket, a good old ODI match between India and Pakistan will always have its own charm. Of course, the game’s important but there is a lot more to it.

Even those who don’t understand much about cricket can feel the pulsating excitement that comes with an India/Pakistan match. The thrill will never wear off and here’s why.

1. It’s been a part of growing up

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Growing up in India and being a part of the India – Pakistan cricket frenzy is an elfin bit of absurd. It had always been such a huge event that mostly the match would be held on Sundays. Who can possibly forget their childhood memories of being together with the entire family along with the neighbors, frightening the living delights out of street dogs and crows with the loudest screams at the fall of every Pakistani wicket.


2. Being the dorky cricket fan

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While some would smear their faces with tri-color, others would keep running their expert commentary while the match went on – and they aren’t even in the stadium. There would always be someone who’d keep pep talking the batsmen, giving him golden advice from time to time and never missing the opportunity to say, “I told you not to play that shot”, in case the batsman got out – Indian TV audience gets really telepathic with crickets when the game is on.


3. The superstitions that actually worked

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Walk into a club during a cricket match and if by chance, at that very moment an Indian wicket falls, you, my friend will be shown the door, not to come back before the match ends. On the other hand, if you’re sitting down a certain way and the rest of the gang thinks that your unusual posture is the reason why the game is going to India’s favor, you won’t be allowed to readjust an inch of your muscle – even if you have to attend nature’s call.


4. The clash of the Titans

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Both teams have always produced extraordinarily talented cricketers throughout. A major part of the excitement has always been about watching a stalwart against another. The Pakistani fierce express bowling attack with names Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and of course, Shoaib Akhtar was lethal.

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The destructive Indian batting order with Tendulkar, Sehwag, and Ganguly facing the Pakistani bowlers were nothing less of an epic, every time.


5. It’s almost your duty to watch the game

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Believe it or not, people actually take offense if you’re found loitering in the streets when the entire country has taken sick leaves, closed down the shutters and enjoying the match indoors. You may have alternate views which don’t really allow you to get hyped over an Indo-Pak cricket match but on the day of the game, you better keep that stuff to yourself or face the hate.


6. But seriously, here’s why we need the India/ Pakistan match over and over again

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India and Pakistan – we’re practically the same race and have been living undivided for centuries before everything changed forever during the late British era. Now, that we have become neighbors, a little rivalry is what spices things up between us. We can’t let what’s happening at the border influence our views on each other. No matter how much we scream, shout and troll each other, we know it’s just a game at the end of the day.

It’s understandable that emotions are delicate as people from both countries have seen a lot during the tougher times and it’s not easy to forget. If the passion has to burn, let it burn in the best spirit – in the spirit of sport.

India vs Pakistan cricket matches will remain special to us because like every brother and sister, we love to hate each other – love being the keyword.

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