An Australian Journalist Called Virat A ‘Sweeper’ And The Internet Rightly Took His Case

The Australian media has time and again misunderstood and misrepresented information about Virat Kohli. Whether it was him being compared to Donald Trump or nominating him for the title of ‘Villain of the week’, the Aussie media has never missed a chance to portray Kohli in a distasteful light.

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And now this recent incident is simply adding on to all the previous insults.


Ahead of the The World XI Tour starting today in Lahore, an Australian Journalist crossed all lines of human decency by tweeting a picture of Virat Kohli sweeping and tagging him as a ‘sweeper’ in the caption that followed.

The picture dates back to last year’s match when Virat was promoting Swachch Bharat Abhiyan.


This obviously, didn’t go well with Virat Kohli’s fans. And it did not take much time for his offended and enraged fans to reply to the tweet with some of the most badass comments!

1. Swachch Mann Abhiyan


2. BURN!


3. True that!


4. Divided by borders, united by hearts!


5. Because cleanliness is next to Godliness!


6. Oops!


7. Let’s talk about the game, shall we?


8. And the ‘sweep’ got punny!


9. Time to brace up, Australia!


10. How come people missed this point?

The Indian cricketers will not be playing World XI tournament being held in Lahore.

And for the journo, don’t worry my friend, a match with team Australia will be highly awaited.