Street Vendor Giving Away Food To A Poor Kid Is Lighting Up The Internet’s Heart

In the era of internet, gadgets and too much information we have become cynical to the extent that we refuse to see the goodness around us. If a person asks us for help, we tend to judge them. If someone helps us, we try to find out their ulterior motives. However, sometimes this cycle of negativity is broken by a brilliant act of kindness. And it isn’t usually anything big. Instead, it’s something as small as giving food.

Producer and director Sai Rajesh recently posted a video of a street vendor giving away food to a poor kid along with a pretty introspective caption.

The most important thing that should be noticed is that the street vendor doesn’t have thousands of kilograms of food. He just has that one thela. But that didn’t stop him from giving some of it away to a hungry kid. And what did he get in return? A smile on his face.

Netizens were humbled by the street vendor’s attitude and lauded him for his gesture.

A large chunk of our country’s fortune is in the hands of a small group of millionaires. But I can bet that you won’t see a lot of them doing what this street vendor did. Let’s hope this video reaches them and makes them realise that they can be rich and generous.