Vipul Shah & Wife Shefali Slam Airline That Made An Injured 80-YO Woman Wait For A Wheelchair

Don’t many of us reach the airport way earlier than required just to ensure things go smoothly? Well, while many passengers try their best to travel without hassles, airlines also play a huge role in making it a smooth experience for them.

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Recently, filmmaker Vipul Shah slammed an airline for ill-treating an 80-year-old woman. Calling the incident both shocking and unacceptable, he even recorded a video of the incident. He was quoted saying by News18,

“We were on a flight from Nagpur to Mumbai. We had booked a wheelchair for an 80-year-old lady as she had met with an accident and was injured. All this was communicated to the Indigo staff and a wheelchair was booked. When we landed at Mumbai airport, their answer was that Indigo doesn’t have enough wheelchairs. This was quite shocking and totally unacceptable. If I had not booked a wheelchair and asked for it last minute, then I would understand. I had made the reservation and they had confirmed it.”

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He further explained,

“They were not ready to put an 80-year-old injured patient on priority. They kept lying that the wheelchair would be there in two minutes and then when I started to lose patience, they started making calls in front of me. They were not concerned and remained unapologetic about it.”¬†

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His wife Shefali Shah, whose series ‘Delhi Crime‘ just won the Emmy, shared the video on social media. In the clip, he explained how they had to wait 40 minutes and then scream at the staff to get the wheelchair. Have a look at the entire video.

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As the video went viral, the official Twitter handle of the airline responded to the post:

Well, flying experience should be comfortable for everyone especially senior citizens. What do you think about the incident? Tell us.

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