Vikrant Massey Reveals His Dad Is Christian, Mom Is Sikh, Brother Is Muslim & Wife Is Hindu

There is no doubt that Vikrant Massey is an incredible actor. We’ve seen him in Lootera, Death in the Gunj, Chhapaak, Haseen Dilruba and so many more projects. But, believe it or not, he is an even better conversationalist. It is a delight to watch his interviews where he speaks his heart out, gently, and has so much insight to offer.

In an interview with journalist and YouTuber Samdish Bhatia, Vikrant Massey opened up about growing up in a multi-religious family. His mother is Sikh, his father is Christian, his brother is a converted Muslim and his wife, Sheetal Thakur, is Hindu.


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Vikrant revealed that his brother changed his religion at the age of 17 and his family let him do it despite there being relatives who argued against it.

“My brother’s name is Moeen, I am called Vikrant. You’d wonder why the name Moeen? He converted to Islam, my family let him change his religion. They said, ‘Beta, if you find satisfaction this, then go ahead.’ He converted at the age of 17, it is a big step. My mother is Sikhni, my father is church-going Christian, he goes to church twice a week. From a young age, I have seen a lot of arguments related to religion and spirituality,” he said.

Vikrant’s father made it clear to other people that his son’s choices are nobody’s business.

“My father was questioned by my extended relatives about how he could ‘allow’ that (brother’s conversion). He said that was none of their business. ‘He is my son, he is only answerable to me and has all the rights to choose what he wants.’ After seeing this, I went on my own quest, wondering what exactly is religion. It is man-made.”


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When it comes to Hindu culture, he says that he believes and celebrates it because it is his cultural affiliation. Hindu festivals and traditions are something that he has grown up watching and enjoying.

“Especially in the Hindu culture, I do believe in them. It is only because of my cultural affiliation; it doesn’t need to be religious. This is the culture of the majority people of my country. Diwali is celebrated only in India, so I celebrate it as well. It is my muscle memory, my childhood memory.”

He further divulged that his father, despite being a church-going Christian, sits with his mother and his wife Sheetal to perform puja in the house. He calls it a “beautiful house”.

“It need not be religious. I don’t believe that if I do Laxmi Puja then I will be blessed with wealth. I do it because I grew up witnessing it, and it is now my lifestyle. My father would do it. He goes to church twice a week, but he also does puja with my mother and my wife. So, it is a beautiful house.”

What are your views about his revelation?

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