A USB Stick (With A Video On It) Has Been Found In Seal Poop & Surprisingly, It’s Working!

Some people have Nomophobia, the fear of being without a working cellphone. But my irrational fear is a bit different. I am afraid of losing my USB drive and all the photos on it. Oh, the horror. And the reason I’m talking about the tiny data storage device today is this bizarre (and somewhat disturbing) incident.

Dr Krista Hupman is a marine biologist at NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research). She and her team research leopard seal poo (or scat) to ascertain their eating habits, health etc. In November 2017, they received such a sample from a vet which they froze. Now, when they defrosted and sifted through it, they found a USB stick in it! In working order no less.

Here’s the video on the USB stick

Apart from this video that the unidentified owner of the USB stick took from the blue kayak, there are also pictures of sealions on it. NIWA is looking for the owner but he/she won’t get it back until they do something in return.

“If they’re yours and you want the USB stick back, it comes with a price. The leopard seal researchers would like some more leopard seal scat, please.”

Netizens have only one question though – Which company made such a high-quality USB stick?

Humour aside, there is something else about the incident that’s ringing alarm bells for scientists. Dr Krista Hupman elaborates, “We are finding more and more marine mammals are ingesting plastic. This is just part of something that us humans have done to the environment.”

Time to be even more conscious about discarding e-waste and reducing our use of plastic, don’t you think?

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