Delhi Woman Shares Her Nightmarish Experience With An Uber Driver, UP Cops Did Nothing

Women safety is arguably the most debated topic in India. Yes, discussions that happen every time a daughter/sister/wife/mother is groped/abused/molested/raped. Talks that do not, for reasons known to ‘them’, translate into action.

While the categories I mentioned are not exhaustive, my collective conscience has run of out of words. Why? Because I can not begin to count the number of women I know/have read about, who have survived/escaped harrowing experiences just because a cab driver decides to assert his perverseness or chauvinism.

Unfortunately, there is an addition.

New Delhi-based journalist Ananya Bhattacharya recently took an Uber in the late hours and her ordeal will give you the fright of your life.

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She took to Twitter to document the experience and it all sounds nightmarish.  


1. It all started with…


2. Just when she thought she’d be home safe and soon,


3. Unsurprising really!


4. Because what would an ‘Aurat’ do anyway?


5. Thinking on her feet…


6. Do you sense what I do?


7. The last thing you’d want!


8. Hence brewed another spat!


9. As a last resort.


10. Even the police does NOTHING.


11. So much for safety!


12. Something to ponder upon!


13. It doesn’t end there!


14. Even after raising the complaints…


The worst part is, she got an automated reply that doesn’t answer any of the questions she raised. 

While the last word is that the Uber Support team is trying to reach her, no amount of fending off will undo the treatment she was meted with. It could be me tomorrow…it could be you tomorrow! When will this stop?

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