Delhi Student Sets Up 100 Tyre Beds To Shelter Stray Dogs From The Harsh Winter

Winters are for bundling up under warm blankets and sipping hot cocoa. But what about stray animals on the streets who have no shelter from the biting cold? Earlier, Abhijit Dowarah from Guwahati collected old TV sets, painted them in vibrant colours and placed cloths inside to create warm kennels for stray dogs.

Now, Vibha Tomar from Delhi is collecting old tyres and placing rugs inside so that stray cats and dogs can beat the chill.

Yahoo News quoted her saying,

“Since the winter season began, I thought I should do something for stray animals so that they can survive this winter. I saw a person on Instagram who had made a beautiful bed out of a tyre for his pet and thought it was a good way to protect strays in this cold winter, so I also started to collect tyres. The animals are okay during the day but the night gets too cold for them. I have covered 100 animals so far and am very positive that this will have a positive effect on strays.”

The 4th year veterinary student is also the founder of a charitable trust named “Oscar For Life” that is devoted to taking care of stray animals. Earlier, Vibha tied radium bands which served as reflective collars for stray dogs to prevent accidents on roads.

We’ve seen lots of good samaritans feed strays around their homes. This winter, maybe we can take inspiration from Abhijit and Vibha to go the extra mile and fashion out a cozy home for them too? What do you think?

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