2 Women With Same First Name & Roll Number Claim 184 Rank In UPSC Exam In Madhya Pradesh

Remember the infamous ‘Vyapam scam’ that was happening since the 1990s and was finally unearthed in Madhya Pradesh in 2013? To refresh your memory, it was a scam wherein imposters were employed to write several entrance test exams for real candidates.

Well, from the same Indian city, a confusing and curious case has recently come to light. It’s the case of two female students with the same name and roll number claiming to have backed the 184th rank in the UPSC exam.

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A day after the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) declared the final result of the 2022 Civil Services (Main) exam on 23 May, the families of the two students, both named Ayasha, started merrimaking thinking that their girl has cracked the exam and got the 184th rank. However, it was later discovered that two of them with a common first name are claiming the spot.

According to a report by The Times Of India, one of the two girls, Ayasha Fatima lives in the Dewas district of the state, and the other girl, Ayasha Makrani hails from the Alirajpur district.

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What’s intriguing is that both girls have the same roll number – 7811744. How can that be possible? Both Ayasha’s claim that they appeared for the exam and the interview too.

Backing his 23-year-old sister, Ayasha Makrani’s brother Shahbazuddin Makrani told TOI that it was her first attempt at the exam.

“My mother’s dream was that my sister should crack UPSC and become an IAS officer. She has got 184th rank. After the confusion and counterclaims by another candidate, we have contacted UPSC and the picture will be clear on Thursday.”

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On the other hand, the father of 26-year-old Ayasha Fatima from Dewas, Naziruddin, said that it was his daughter’s fourth attempt.

“UPSC cannot make such a mistake. I demand a thorough inquiry into the matter. The truth should come to the fore.”

Not just the roll numbers, the date of interview for both the girls are also 25 April 2023. However, there are some differences between the two admit cards like the father’s name, time, and the day mentioned.

On Ayasha Fatima’s admit card, the day (25 April) is mentioned as Tuesday, whereas on Ayasha Makrani’s interview admit card it is written Thursday when the actual day, according to the calendar, was a Tuesday, reported The Statesman.

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Ayasha Fatima’s admit card which has the UPSC watermark and QR code on it mentions the exam as, ‘Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2022’. Her admit card also has a PAN card number written on it.

However, the admit card produced by Ayasha Makrani mentions the exam as, ‘Indian Administrative Service Exam – 2022’. It neither has any watermark, QR code, or PAN card number on it.

This is so confusing and smells a little fishy too. Well, we can only wait till the investigation is complete and the authorities finally come to a conclusion.

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After an investigation into the matter, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Friday declared that Ayesha Fatima (Roll Number 7811744) of the Dewas district of the state is a genuine candidate who has secured AIR 184th in the exam, reported Hindustan Times.

The UPSC authorities are contemplating criminal and disciplinary action against the other candidate.

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