Bihar Teacher’s Musical Way Of Teaching Vowels & Consonants Is Winning Praise Online


Can you recall any of the essays that you learned when you were in primary school? Most probably, no! But can you recall any of your nursery rhymes? And I am sure you will instantly start humming them all, that too with the correct words and rhythm. Now that’s the power of music. We tend to remember the rhymes and not the essays because we sang all the poems with all our hearts, mind and might repeatedly.

No doubt, learning through music is not only the best way to enjoy and learn things by heart but also to get it carved in your memory for years.

Similarly, a teacher in Bihar came up with an innovative technique of teaching vowels and consonants to his pupils. The teacher opted for a musical way and sang out the letters in a melodious simple tone. AAP leader Kumar Vishwas shared the video of the teacher on his Twiter account.

Since then, the video went viral on the internet and has been liked and retweeted several times by the Twitterati.

The teacher’s innovation has left even megastar Amitabh Bachchan impressed as he retweeted the video on his timeline. Tweeple are also praising the teacher’s creative effort:

Did you have such teachers with ninja-techniques of teaching during your childhood? Do let us know!

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