Teacher Gets Distracted While Teaching Heart Functions, Talks About Pyaar Mohabbat In Video

You gotta love younger generation teachers! They’ll come up with amazing ways to keep classes (now online classes and tutorials) fun and interesting. While some teachers are incorporating virtual and augmented reality into their videos, others come up with fun explanations for different lessons.

However, one Biology teacher took things on a different level. Popularly known as Shipra Mam, this teacher features in a video where she is seen teaching about the functions of the heart. After spilling some rather inaccurate facts about the heart’s functions, she gets distracted and starts talking about pyaar and mohabbat!

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She starts by saying that the one and only function of the heart is to exchange oxygen and carbon-di-oxide.

“Iske badle heart ka aur koi kaam nahi hai. Faltu mein humne heart ko badnaam karke rakkha hua hai, gaano mein ‘dil dhadak raha hai, yeh ho raha hai, who ho raha hai’. Kuch nahi hai aisa.”

She goes on to add:

“Feelings kabhi dil mein nahi hote. ‘Dil se pyaar karna’ – aisa kuch nahi hota hai. Yeh anger, love, yeh sab humare hormones karte hai. If you love or hate somebody, who hormones ka kaam hai.”

Watch the video here:

People online were left speechless by her lesson. While many pointed out the inaccuracies in her teaching, others shared jokes and memes!

I wish I had such an entertaining teacher back in school!

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