Swara Bhasker Reveals Her Horrifying Molestation Story And Appeals To Women To Hit Back!

Women should hit back with a vengeance when molested. Even if they do not know martial arts, the simple act of defiance and defence can make the molester think twice in the future.

That’s the point Swara Bhasker is making. In her forthcoming movie, ‘Anarkaali of Aarah’, she plays a victim of sexual abuse.

She talks about how women talk almost casually about the time they were sexually abused when talking to their friends. She also said that it is impossible that a girl has not been molested by the time she reaches adulthood.

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“Usually, all girls have faced molestation by the time they are around 14-15. That’s how dangerous our society is.”

She also shares how she has been molested as much in Mumbai as she has been in New Delhi. The location does not matter. She said that she was even molested during ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’, despite the fact that Salman Khan and his bodyguards were right there.

That’s why she pleads to women to always fight back. She claims that she’s hit out at eve-teasers a lot of times.


She says that fighting back makes a psychological impact on the molester. That way they will not try it again. Hitting back deters them.

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“The whole mentality of a molester, groper and an eve-teaser is the anonymity and the confidence that the girl won’t react.”


She also shared a horrible story where she was travelling in a Mumbai local when a drug addict got on and started masturbating. She tried to hold him until the local stopped but the addict ran away.

Swara Bhasker
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“A drug addict got in and when I turned around, I see this man masturbating. For one second, I was scared. It took me a second to realise what was going on, I started yelling at him, and beating him with the umbrella. I tried to catch hold of his collar because I knew the moment the train stops, he will run. I knew I can get him to the police if I hold him back. But the moment the train slowed down, he realised I was holding him to get him to the police, and he jumped off from the other end of the compartment.”


He might have gotten away, but the simple act of fighting back will make the addict think twice before repeating his vulgar act!

That’s the way to handle eve teasing and molestation.

Swara Bhasker makes some real good sense!

Source – DNA

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