Suniel Shetty Opens Up About Looking ‘Young’ In His 60s, Says He Doesn’t Consume Tobacco

There is this running joke among youngsters nowadays that Suniel Shetty is ageing backwards. He looks incredibly fit and handsome in comparison to what he used to look like back in the day. And that’s probably because he lives a restrained lifestyle.

Recently, Suniel Shetty was wrongly accused by a person online for promoting a brand that sells tobacco. The person mistook Shetty for Akshay Kumar, who has also apologised and withdrawn further association with the brand.


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Shetty threw some more light on the incident and claimed that he has never had tobacco in his life and that is probably one of the reasons he still looks young, reported Hindustan Times.

“As far as tobacco goes, I have never had it in my life. People tell me I am 60 but I am not old yet, this is the reason. People also drink alcohol, they may even live longer than me.”

He went on to add that those who do not use certain products must not advertise them either. This comes in stark contrast to Alia Bhatt, who has been vocal about not eating sugar as it’s apparently bad for health but goes on to advertise several sugary products.

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“It is said that tobacco and alcohol sell, therefore those need advertising. I think, those of us who do not want to use it must refrain from advertising as well. A lot happens in the film industry, I stay away from it.”


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Suniel Shetty revealed that he does not eat much sugar either.

“That does not mean I am a saint. I am neither God nor a saint, I also have shortcomings. I do not eat too much sugar, I do not even eat much. But, I won’t say I am right and the others are wrong.”

Now we know why the man is ageing like fine wine!

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