Alia Bhatt Called Out For Saying ‘Sugar Is Bad For Health’ But Doing Ads For Sugary Products

Several companies rope in well-known celebrities to promote their products. They cash in on the idea that if these influential personalities endorse their products or become their brand ambassadors, their fans will start using them too.

While this does happen in some cases, more often than not, celebs don’t personally use the products they advertise for. Similarly, Alia Bhatt who has been seen advertising for brands of various sugary drinks, ice cream, chocolate, etc. doesn’t actually consume these products.


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In fact, the ‘Kalank’ actor had said that she doesn’t consume sugar or any sugary products. But she does advertisements for products that have a lot of sugar content.

This contradictory situation got her into a soup recently. Taking to Twitter, a user highlighted how in a video she is seen freaking out when someone offered her a cup of tea with sugar.

She says, “Isme sugar daala hai? It’s not good for you. Sugar nhi khana chahiye. Sugar agar kha rahey ho toh have it in the form of fruits.” However, in another video, she is seen promoting unhealthy sugar products.

Take a look at the video here:

This got people talking. She was incessantly criticized for her hypocrisy.

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Having said that, these celebs are paid to advertise the products based on their face and brand value, fan following, etc. Consuming a product or not is definitely a consumer’s choice.

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