Gurgaon Man Complains About Domestic Workers Earning ₹20-25K, Gets Slammed For Hypocrisy

It’s a sad truth that many people expect better pay, nicer jobs, and comfy workspaces for themselves, but when it comes to those who help them at home, they’re often treated unfairly. Domestic workers, who work hard to keep homes running smoothly, are paid very little and hardly ever get a raise. What’s worse, if they try to find a better job elsewhere, they can be reported by their employers. It’s like some people want the poor to stay poor, and they get upset when domestic workers want a chance at a better life.

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For example, a man in Gurgaon took to X to complain about how high-paid professionals in the city have “ruined” the domestic help market as domestic workers do not want to work on builder floors and enjoy working in condos where the pay is better and the work is lesser.

“The highly paid professionals staying in high-rises of Gurgaon have ruined the domestic help market in the city. Maids don’t want to work in kothis/builder floors, they enjoy working in condos where all their friends work. They say pay is better there and there is lesser work! For context, salary of a live-in maid in Gurgaon condos is between Rs. 20,000 – 25,000 per month. Stay and food is free,” he wrote.

Have a look:

It’s a common scenario where people advocate for fair wages and better working conditions in their own jobs. But when it comes to the domestic workers who clean their homes, cook their meals, and care for their children, they often overlook these principles. Several people online pointed out this duplicity and schooled the man.

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Here’s how some of them reacted:

Domestic workers, despite their essential role in maintaining households, are frequently undervalued and underpaid. They might work long hours without proper breaks or compensation for overtime. Many are paid just a fraction of what they need to support themselves and their families. This creates a cycle of poverty where they struggle to make ends meet.

It’s not fair that people preach about equality but then treat those who work for them so poorly.

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