Akshay Kumar Publicly Apologises After Being Slammed For Promoting Pan Masala Brand

It’s been a while since Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn has been seen starring in Pan Masala advertisements. However, people went berserk when Shah Rukh Khan also started promoting their products.

Well, after these two responsible actors took the high way to promote the brand that produces tobacco products, ‘Boss’ actor Akshay Kumar also recently joined the bandwagon.


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Kumar was also called a hypocrite for promoting ‘Pan Masala’ and joining the ‘Vimal Universe’ after he urged others not to.

However, after the incessant trolling and criticism, the actor has issued a public apology and has vouched that he will use his earnings from the ad towards a worthy cause.

Taking to Twitter, Kumar shared a note for his fans and well-wishers saying that he is ‘sorry’ for his association with ‘Vimal Elaichi’.

He added that he would be seen in the ads till the legal duration of the contract. However, he promised that he would be mindful in making his future choices.

He tweeted:

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After he shared a public apology, people inquired why he didn’t end the contract and pay the damages to the brand?

Clearing the air on this, a user tweeted that the ‘Khiladi’ actor tried to do so but since two more actors are binding by the contract, it can’t be nullified on just Kumar’s plea.

While some appreciated him releasing a public apology, others opined that it was too late.

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Accepting one’s mistake and saying sorry in public when you have scores of eyes on you does need courage. What do you have to say on this episode?

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