Pseudo-Intellectuals To Porn, Sonu Nigam Quits Twitter And Here Are 24 Reasons Why!


Of late, Sonu Nigam’s become controversy’s favourite child. All thanks to his Twitter-threads. Known to be the one calling a spade a spade, Sonu’s tweets were always a point of discussion. But, his tweets about morning azaan ignited a fire that not only burnt him but also caused major scars to some sections of the society.

He even went live and took the going bald challenge of a West Bengal Maulvi who dared him to do so. And, now, in a rather shocking revelation or announcement, he declared to all in his Friends, Romans and Countrymen style, that he is quitting Twitter for good.

And, he has listed 24 reasons why!

1. In the very first tweet, he made it clear for all to screenshot what he’s about to write and started why he’s bidding adieu to Twitter.


2. Then, pointed out how media is divided and even said how “kids behave like terrorists”.


3. Speaking about the whole Arundhati Roy-Paresh Rawal controversy, Sonu expressed his views.


4. And, last night Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s Twitter handle got suspended, he even gave his two cents about the matter involving Shehla’s accusation. He asked the question, where’s the balance?


5. Not only did he call Twitter a game changer but also labelled it as “porn, shown in theatres”.


6. He refuses to be tainted as an “anti-muslim” and he doesn’t wish to belong amid “psuedo-intellectuals”.


7. He hopes never to return but also says he would “never say never”. But on some level, he sure knew that his thread would land him in a soup.


8. For his 6.5 million fans, which were at 6.46 million (when we took screenshots), he said that he would in future own it. But, it needs to have a filter.

Bold move? BTW, he has deactivated his profile.

What will be the aftermath? We shall wait and watch!

Image Source: Sonu Nigam’s (now deactivated) Twitter handle.

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