Sonu Nigam Stays True To His Words And Actually SHAVES His Head! Where’s ₹ 10 Lakhs?

Sonu Nigam created a national debate topic with his tweets about playing the azaan on loudspeakers early in the morning.

Then a Muslim cleric issued a fatwa against him, announcing a reward of Rs. 10 lakh rupees to whoever shaves Sonu Nigam’s head bald.

Sonu Nigam simplified the whole process by going bald himself. He announced today that he would shave his head himself and even told the person to keep the 10 lakh rupees ready. And he actually did it – he shaved his head bald.

Sonu Nigam bald
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But he did clarify that his stand was not against any religion or prayer – it was against the use of loudspeakers –

“Azaan is important, not loudspeaker. Arti is important, not loudspeaker.”

He just proved that he stands by his words and not everything he says is hogwash. He also earned a lot of respect on Twitter for this gutsy move.

Sonu Nigam also emphasised that ‘his Muslim brother’ shaved his head and it should not be looked upon as a challenge at all.

“I have requested Alim to come. He will shave my head but it isn’t any agitation or challenge. The one who is cutting hair is a Muslim and I am a Hindu.”


You can watch the video here –

Now the question is – Where’s the money?

We need to see the 10 lakh rupees to complete the transaction here.

Source – Indian Express

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