Sonali Kulkarni’s Long Argument On How Indian Women Are Lazy & Dependent On Men Starts Debate

When it comes to looking for a female life partner for themselves or the men in their families, desis have a set of criteria already in place. Good-looking, slim, sushil, sanskari, gharelu, family-oriented – these are some of the qualities that they look for in a woman.

Similarly, when it comes to looking for a prospective groom in India, people look for a well-settled man with a permanent job, owning a house, and a car, and belonging to a nuclear family.

These are some of the checkboxes people want to tick before getting into matrimony.

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But, times have changed today and it’s about having equality. However, there were also others who slammed her for saying that modern women are lazy and dependent on men.

During an interview, the ‘Singham’ actor said in Hindi, “In India, we sometimes forget that many women are just lazy. They want a boyfriend/husband, who earns well, owns a house, and performance at work guarantees regular increments. But that woman doesn’t have the guts to say, ‘What will I do?’ They forget to stand up for themselves.”


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Appealing to the audience present, she further said, “I urge everyone to bring up such women who are able and can earn a living for themselves, who can share the household expenses with their partners.”

Siding with men, she added, “I think when men turn 18, they have a pressure to start earning as early as possible and support the family. I feel like crying for my brothers, and my husband. On the contrary, women keep thinking about what to make of their lives even till the age of 27. They keep pressurizing their boyfriends to have a foreign honeymoon, destination weddings, and pre-wedding shoots, the expenses of which are borne by the man.”


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She asks such women, “What are you earning to contribute to these facilities that you’re demanding? Go get yourself educated, and find a job, but no, they can’t do this. Then they complain when a man appreciates them. They report to HR when someone speaks politely to them. Listen to him first, why are you living at the edge always?” She further clarified that not all women are like that.

“But, this aggression, this demanding nature is growing quite a lot wherein I feel that we have to look at the situation with a certain amount of humbleness and equality that you also owe something to the family. Paying the bills is not the sole responsibility of your husband. So, I think, today we need such women who understand the responsibilities and can bear them.”

Kulkarni said so after a female from the audience asked her to give a message to the 90% of women who don’t do anything to excel in life and be independent.

Watch her speak here:

The clip is from her 29-minute-long interview with Bhupenddra Singh Raathore AKA Coach BSR.

After the clip of her interview went viral, people gave their two cents on the matter. There were some who lauded her for stating that many women need equality, but when it comes to sharing financial responsibilities, they apparently back off.

However, there were also others who slammed her for calling out women ignoring the fact that many women, especially homemakers who don’t work a conventional job, take on responsibilities of the house which is an equally demanding task.

And there are also other women who have not had the same educational opportunities as men and hence, resort to looking for financial stability in a marriage.

Twitter was divided on this one. What do you have to say about her opinions? Let us know.

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