Sona Mohapatra Slams Fans Defending ‘Kabir Singh’, Condemns Movie’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Even though Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani starrer Kabir Singh is on its way to becoming a massive box office hit, the movie has been receiving a lot of criticism from the masses. While the movie revolves around the relationship between the protagonist Kabir and his love-interest Preeti, later going on to showcase Kabir’s heartbreak and its after-effects, many have taken on social media to condemn the movie for allegedly glorifying toxic masculinity and a patriarchal dominant-submissive kind of relationship.

Singer Sona Mohapatra, who has a reputation of speaking her mind unflinchingly, came forward to express her own fair share of criticism as well. According to sources, it started with Sona reacting to one of the tweets praising Shahid Kapoor’s performance as Kabir Singh. She tried pointing out how an actor’s choice of movies holds much importance considering how much films are capable of shaping social consciousness.

She then went on to attack Rekha Sharma, the Chairperson of the National Commission for Women, for tweeting (now deleted) in praise of the actor as well.

However, as one would expect, the singer began receiving a lot of flak from Kabir Singh fans.

Sona being Sona, she didn’t ignore these criticisms and hit back with strong replies. For those who were trolling her for her song ‘Bedardi Raja’, she pointed out how a woman celebrating her own sexuality is nowhere close to a man grabbing a woman without her consent.

While Kabir Singh allegedly has had the biggest blockbuster opening on a non-holiday earning a whopping 70 crores on its first day itself, there is no doubt that the movie has several problematic narratives running throughout which is now open to debate.

Downright misogyny or “just a love story”? Let us know!

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