This Woman Will Attempt A World Record By Driving Alone 31,000 Km In 75 Days From UK To India

Travelling is a hobby that sets your spirit free, letting your soul cheer with utmost zeal. And there is one woman is all set to create a world record in this.

Meet Bharulata Kamble, the solo car driver is set to create a world record – she is going to travel from the UK to India by car. That is 31,000 km and resolves to finish the mammoth task in just 75 days.

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Her journey starts on July 16 from Luton in England and her last stop is Mahad, Maharashtra. If she is successful, she is set to become the solo car driver who completed such a challenging feat.

The journey is tough and comprises of following. 

2 continents
28 countries
over 50 cities
100s of towns and villages.


Guinness World Records will keep a close watch on her journey by observing and recording it.

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The journey through 5,500 km of mountains and 3,700 meters above sea level is quite a daunting task, after all.

Here’s what she said:

No one has broken this record since 89 years. I am planning to reach the north-most point of Europe in Arctic Circle where the road ends and plant India’s flag there.


That’s not the whole story. She is set to achieve this feat because she wants to raise funds for women empowerment and child education.

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“I am doing this to raise funds for the provision of medical care for the poor and underprivileged in rural India. This drive also supports the cause ‘save the girl child’, and ‘women empowerment and education’ in India.”

After completing her journey in Maharashtra, the Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, vows to welcome her.

That’s amazing, right?

Here’s hoping she sets her world record and makes India proud. More power to you, Mrs. Bharulata Kamble.

News Source: Facebook & Free Press Journal

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