Why Is It So Special To Be A Soldier In The Indian Army?

The profession of arms is a noble one.

And not to mention, a very challenging one too. In our country, there is no conscription – no compulsion for people to join the army. Candidates are chosen according to their ability. And that is why our army consists of the best of the best. Because the responsibility of guarding our borders is not a small one. If even one chink in the armor shows up, people lose their lives.

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The profession is that of safeguarding lives. These soldiers literally are standing guard over innocent citizens, with a complete intention to give their life away if the situation calls for it.

Such a readiness is not easy. Think about it. Tomorrow you are called in to fight for a complete stranger on the road. Would you fight? Probably not.


Because “It is none of my business!”.

Our soldiers cannot say that. They do not know the name of every person among the billion in the country, but they still will fight for them. This degree of selflessness is something not all have naturally.

What makes them so impressive then? How do they let go of all the selfishness and act like such brave hearts?

They are trained to enjoy challenges and they laugh at the face of death

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Courage lies in overcoming your fears. To face your fears in general, is a challenge in itself. These men are trained to enjoy these challenges, and thereby making them fearless.
If you wonder how a single man doesn’t falter in the face of an overwhelming number of enemies, it is because they enjoy it. There is no question of fear at all. Even in the face of sure death.


They are fiercely disciplined and have unshakeable integrity

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There is a reason army men wake up early in the morning into their old age. There is a reason they are so resolute, and do not flinch at all. They have been resolute and courageous for so long, that it becomes second nature to them.


The spirit of the corps – the unshakeable faith they have in their brother-in-arms

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A soldier is never alone. He can always count on his fellow soldier and depend on him with his life. There is a brotherhood in the army that cannot be matched even by blood relations. In today’s world, when brothers fight with each other over a piece of land, the brothers of the Indian army fight to keep the land free.

It is literally One for all and all for one.


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Forthrightness – no time for bullshit at all

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Have you met a person who is direct and is not diplomatic with his words at all? There is no treachery or slander. There is only directness and it is this forthrightness that they use to do whatever they are told, without hesitancy.

Hesitancy costs lives.


The selfless sacrifice – peacekeepers rather than warmakers

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Let’s keep the wars aside. Let’s keep the skirmishes with the terrorists aside.

Whenever there has been a disaster, even the worst kinds, the army has always pitched in with help. The army is not a disaster and rescue force. They are not rescue specialists. Nor are they trained to be one.

But because they care, and because they can, they pitch in with invaluable help and support. Something, we appreciate every time they have delivered.

So, you see they are not just an offensive force, but even a peacekeeping force – and with respect to India, especially a peacekeeping force.

And the peace they maintain is not through guns, but through sacrifice.

Sacrifice of their comfort, sacrifice of their family time, sacrifice of their welfare and health.


It comes from the famous belief that is etched outside Chetwoode Hall in IMA

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The safety, honour and welfare of your country comes first always and every time.
The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command comes next.
Your own ease, comfort and safety comes last always and every time.

Our soldiers have kept us safe through sacrifice.

Every time.

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