Women Online List Things They Wish Society Would Stop Enforcing On Them

Society, which consists of you and me, has created a set of guiding rules for its people. It has already defined what women are supposed to do and what they can’t. And interestingly, when someone decides to follow their heart even if it means breaking these pre-set norms, they are despised and ridiculed.

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While most of us are comfortable with going with the flow, not everyone likes to follow the herd. Hence, women online recently listed down some of these rules that society should stop forcing down their throats.

What’s something you wish society would stop forcing into you as a woman? from AskWomen

From pressurizing them to have a kid to expecting them to be presentable all the time, women listed a lot of controversial things that they would like society to stop enforcing on them.

“Have a baby.”

The pressure to not look your age.

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To ‘settle down’; have a relationship.

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Mom’s can’t live their lives.

Wear a bra.

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Not voice your opinions.

To be able to manage everything.

The need to shave.

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Some of us hate doing house chores.

Not everyone wants a big fat wedding.

Earlier, Indian women spoke of their careers not being taken seriously by men in their lives. IMO, it’s okay if someone goes by the rules. In the same way, people should also be okay if someone wants to walk their own path. To each their own!

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