From Languages To Navigation, People List Things They Learned From Video Games

Animal Crossing, Plants vs Zombies, Among Us, Minecraft, Resident Evil, Halo and many more video games are quite fun and entertaining. Having said that, playing them is actually good for us too. Video games improve our hand-eye coordination and teach us about teamwork and cooperation. In fact, research by the University of Oxford has suggested that that people playing more games reported greater well-being.

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Recently, gamers on Reddit listed out the skills they learned from playing video games and there were a lot of surprising answers in the thread.

What’s something you accidentally learned from a video game? from AskReddit

Some revealed that they stumbled upon interesting facts.

Others had more funny replies.

A lot of gamers spoke about improved dexterity, faster typing speed and navigation skills.

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Some recalled how they got to know about new words, languages and cultures through games.

Some gamers also gleaned meaningful life lessons about self-improvement, empathy and the abuse of power.

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The next time mom screams at us for playing video games, we know what to show her, right?

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