7 Tell-Tale Signs That Show It’s Time To Break It Off With Your “Special Someone”

Ever found yourself in a one-way relationship? Well, we all have had that feeling at some point of time in our lives. And, maybe we were blind to notice it back then, but there sure are some tell-tale signs that your relationship, with that special someone, is on a downward spiral.

Once blinded by the cloud of feelings it is hard to take note of them. So, how do you notice them? See beyond the veil, here are some sure-shot signs.

1. They don’t seem that exciting anymore.

The mundanity has seeped in and you have a ‘bleh’ feeling about your special someone.


2. You can’t make conversations anymore.

Conversations are shorter and over time it becomes even more difficult, but nothing changes. It seems your relationship has come to a halt.


3. That spark is missing.

You feel disconnected and you experience unresponsiveness to touch.


4. The relationship is running out of juice.

Nothing seems to be working between you two, anymore.


5. You feel cheated on.

The constant fear, feeling of betrayal and the discontent takes over your mind.


6. You are confused and don’t know what you’re supposed to do.

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One of the signs that the end is near and you have no idea how things are going to pan out between you two.


7. You feel it is time to move on.

And, then one fine day, you will come to the conclusion that you’re living in a one-way relationship and it’s time to break it off!


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