This Short Film Will Give You A Reason To Stop Caring About What Others Think. Must Watch!

Does it matter how we look physically? The way world sees us, does it matter? Of course it does. Because it’s the world that makes us feel who we are. The world can make us feel superior to people, or inferior to people. It can make us feel we are worth something, or absolutely nothing. It can make us feel like elite, or like beggars. It can make us feel sincere, or absolutely foolish.

But we need to realise one thing. The world can only make us ‘FEEL’, it does not make us who we are. We become what we make of ourselves, what we think we are.

This beautiful short film by Aghaaz Productions gives a wonderful and a very underrated message we all need to learn. Don’t care about what the world is trying to make you feel. You know yourself more than the world does. It’s time to stop caring, stop pretending.

Stand tall and feel proud of who you are! 🙂

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