According To Shahid Kapoor, ‘Marriage’ Is A Woman Fixing A Messed-Up Man’s Life

In the world of films, there is this female character stereotype – one who magically enters the life of a messed-up man and changes him for the better. Many women also try to do this in real life, where they get attracted to a ‘bad boy’ and think that they can change him and spend their life with him. So, the entire role of the woman in the man’s life gets reduced to only this – fix him.

And this is what Shahid Kapoor thinks as well. The actor is out and about promoting his new series ‘Bloody Daddy’ and that means that he is having a lot of media interactions. In a conversation with Film Companion, he defined what ‘marriage’ means for him.


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According to Shahid Kapoor, the entire concept of marriage revolves around the wife ‘fixing’ her messed-up husband. He says that marriage is a man’s journey of being fixed and becoming a decent person.

NDTV quoted him saying:

“Recently I told Mira, like you know, I finally have figured this out that this entire marriage thing is just about one thing you know. It’s that the guy was a mess and the woman came in to fix him. So the rest of this life is going to be a journey of being fixed and becoming a decent person. That pretty much is what life is about.”

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Take care of herself, her career, the family, the kids, the house and also fix her husband – what a delight it is to be a woman!

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