From Milkman To Grocer, Desi Women Reveal How Unwanted Texts From Men Left Them Uncomfortable

With the rise of online payments, orders, and transactions in the wake of the pandemic, we are constantly exchanging numbers with people. But unfortunately, technology is being misused by some people to breach the privacy of women. For instance, women shared screenshots of flirty texts sent to them by delivery and customer care agents. But several of us are trying to tackle the problem in our own little ways, like this girl who reported an online harasser by mailing his chat screenshots to his school.

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An Indian Twitter user started the conversation by sharing an unfortunate experience she encountered with her milkman. From asking her marital status to texting her in the evening to ‘chat’, she narrated how the man crossed his boundaries and also misused her number.

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Other women shared similar instances of such men they encountered in their day-to-day life who overstepped their boundaries and send unwanted texts without consent.

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Some men shared how they have previously lent their numbers to women for their safety:

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Have you ever faced any instances like these? Tell us!

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