Women Are Sharing Screenshots Of Flirty Texts Sent To Them By Delivery & Customer Care Agents

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become our go-to method of buying stuff. And of course, we all have had to talk to delivery persons or customer care agents at one point or another, especially when our parcel gets stuck. But have any of you experienced such executives trying to make a move on you before? I know I have, and I’m pretty sure plenty of other women have been in the same boat as me in this case.

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A Twitter user named Roxana shared screenshots of her chat with an Amazon customer care guy called Rupesh, who was allegedly trying to flirt with her. He first said that she was “very sweet” and had a “very lovely name”.  And when Roxana tried to ask about her parcel, he said the seller would contact her but the bad news is that their chat would get over after this. Check it out:-

Soon after, women replied to the thread and shared chat screenshots of the similar situations they had faced with unwanted texts from service agents:-

Jokes aside, some women pointed out to how unwanted texts like these could serve as a source for discomfort for women and also a breach in terms of employment of the agent who does this.

Have you ever faced something like this with a delivery service or customer care agent? Tell us!

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