88 Girls Were Forced To STRIP As Punishment By A School Teacher In Arunachal Pradesh. Shame!

Punishment for students in India is many a time misused as a way to torture children. It is scary how many schools still use corporal punishment causing young kids to be physically or mentally abused.

In another school in Arunachal Pradesh, two assistant teachers and one junior teacher allegedly forced students to undress. 88 girl students were to strip in front of other students as punishment.

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The punishment was executed because the teachers allegedly found a piece of paper which contained vulgar words about the head teacher and a girl student.

The girls who were subjected to this humiliation were actually students of classes VI and VII from Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidayalaya in New Sagalee. An FIR was lodged and according to Telegraph the PCC spokesperson, Mina Toko said,

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“Such a heinous act may affect the students psychologically. Violating a child’s dignity is against the law and against the Constitution. To discipline a student is the responsibility and commitment of a teacher.”

The FIR was lodged by the All Sagalee Students Union on Tuesday in order to safeguard the rights of these children.

Talking about the punishment Toko said that undressing a student is definitely not a corrective measure. Talking about the imposition of this kind of punishment is a violation of child’s rights the authorities have been urged to investigate the matter.

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Papum Pare superintendent of police, Tumme Amo also said that the complaint was received by the Sagalee police on Tuesday. The matter has now been forwarded to the women’s police station. He also said that no complaints had been received from the grieving children or their parents.

What I cannot understand is why we still use these redundant methods of punishment. A child is a fragile being whose mind and thoughts are still in their formative stage. These punishments need to be regulated and rights need to be protected.