Scammer Offers Guy A Job But He Says He Doesn’t Want Money, Wants Love Instead

The scammers are on the rise nowadays. They either send you messages claiming that your social media accounts are at risk, or that your PAN card isn’t linked to your bank account, or they offer you a job that offers quick money. People falling for this trap end up losing access to their social media accounts or losing an insane amount of money from their bank accounts. However, there are some people who have outsmarted scammers and this is the story of one such person.

A user named Chetty Arun took to X (formerly Twitter) to share screenshots of his conversation with a scammer named Lavanya (could be a false name) who offered him a job. The job requires him to increase the ratings of various businesses on Google Maps and add good reviews for them.

However, Arun rejected the offer saying that he has money and what he needs is love.

“Pyaar ke liye kuch programs hai toh batao,” he writes.

When Lavanya says that there is no program for love, Arun takes things up a notch and writes, “Duniya mein pyaar hi nahi hai Lavanya. Log middle east mein lad rahe hai batao. Matlab pyaar toh hai hi nahi kahi.”

Have a look at his full post here:

People online shared a good laugh upon reading the conversation between Arun and the scammer. Here’s how some of them responded:

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