Scammer Gets Scammed By A Software Engineer Who Said He Can Make A Legit Website For Them

Criminal minds never sit ideal. They keep brainstorming and coming up with new ideas to con people and make easy money. And with the advent of the internet, even robbing people of their hard-earned money has become as easy as clicking a couple of buttons.

Such phishing crimes have become so common that they inspired an Indian crime drama web television series called ‘Jamtara-Sabka Number Ayega’.

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Recently, someone also received a scam message on his mobile phone. By clicking on the link sent by the scammer pretending to be an official from HDFC bank, a person can easily fall into their trap and within moments of them sharing their personal bank details with them, they can lose all the money in their bank accounts.

But, since a lot of banks are campaigning against such frauds, people have become aware now. The receiver easily guessed it that was a scamming website. Hence, he decided to have fun with the scammers.

On receiving the fake text informing the person that his account has been disabled, the man responded to the text agreeing to follow all the steps in order to enable his account.

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The scammer on the other side then instructed him to just open the link sent on the number and update his pan number.

Since the target easily guessed the scammer’s intention to con him, he told him that since he was a software engineer, it was easy for him to guess that theirs is a scamming website. Look a good Samaritan, he also offered the scammers to help them rebuild a website that will look as legit as the original bank’s website.

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Caught in the man’s trap, the scammer responded ‘really’ and was up to pay Rs 20,000 to this person for helping him make a scamming website that would look authorized. The scammer told him to share more details and send him a sample work over WhatsApp.

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The screengrab of this interesting conversation between the scammer and his prospect was shared on Reddit in the r/developerIndia subreddit by user u/Global-Letterhead-88.

Unexpected customer 🙃 from developersIndia

Their conversation doesn’t end here. As asked by the scammer, this desi guy sent him the video of another fake HDFC site pretending that it was made by him.

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Impressed by the sample, the scammer tried calling him but in vain.

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This guy has more plans to fool the scammer.

On going through their text exchange, people had a good laugh and suggested ways in which the man could have scammed the scammer.

Scammers really need to find some legit work and drop this stupidity for real. People know about you and they gonna kick your buttocks with humor, scammers.

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