Dad Pays ₹3 Lakh To Get Rishtas For Daughter From Families With ₹200 Cr Turnover Businesses

In certain cultures, families sometimes hire matchmakers to help find suitable partners for their children. These matchmakers specialize in connecting families of similar wealth and social status. In some cases, brides’ families may pay large sums, often in the hundreds of thousands (lakhs), to these matchmakers in exchange for their services. The matchmaker’s role is to identify potential matches from affluent families with established businesses.

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For example, a woman named Mishka Rana, who is the CEO of a company named Iconify, took to X to allege that the father of a friend paid Rs 3 lakh to a matchmaker to find rishtas from families with businesses that have Rs 200 crore turnover.

Several people responded to this post by claiming that the practice of hiring matchmakers and paying substantial fees is normalized in many communities. Families view it as a traditional and efficient way to ensure compatibility and advantageous unions for their children.

Here’s what some people said to this:

What are your views regarding this practice?

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