Bombay Shaving Company Slammed For ‘Desperate’ Ad On UP Board Topper Prachi Nigam

Uttar Pradesh’s Prachi Nigam scored a whopping 98.5% in her class-10 board exams. But it wasn’t her exemplary academic performance that people were bothered about; it was her facial hair. To Prachi, her facial hair doesn’t matter. Her academic performance does and that’s where her full concentration seems to be at the moment. She doesn’t conform to societal standards of beauty. However, much of our society seems to think padhai vadhai toh thik hai, but she desperately needs some grooming.

Prachi Nigam was incessantly trolled online and Bombay Shaving Company, a personal care and grooming solutions brand, seemed to think that it was fitting to make an advertisement out of the situation. And not just any advertisement – a full front-page advertisement in a leading daily newspaper.

“Dear Prachi, they are trolling your hair today, they’ll applaud your A.I.R tomorrow. We hope you never get bullied into using our razor,” the advertisement read.

The girl is getting enough unnecessary and negative attention already on social media. With this advertisement, Bombay Shaving Company has not just used her harrowing experience to further their marketing agenda but also gave her more unnecessary attention. Several people online slammed the company for their insensitive advertisement and demanded an immediate apology from them.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions online to the advertisement:

What are your views about this incident?

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