Sandhya Mridul Strikes Again! This Time With A Hilarious Take On The Morning After Sex

Sandhya Mridul has never been one to mince words. She’s unapologetically independent, successful, open about sexuality and most importantly, proudly single. The Angry Indian Goddesses actress has a penchant for voicing the very relatable truths about being a single woman in India.

She first gave us a gem of a performance on how Single Women are Bad Women, which beautifully describes the struggles of being judged by everyone you know for the number of men you may or may not have slept with (as none of them has a clue to the actual number).

And now she’s back at it again, spreading some much-needed gyaan to all of us women out there, who sometimes confuse good sex with love.

She recently set the record straight at the Spoken Fest 2017, organised by Kommune India, with her hilarious and painfully relatable performance. She held nothing back as she effortlessly took us through the train of thought that runs through a women’s mind after some mind-blowing sex.

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“Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening! Oh my god! Oh my god, this is so good so good that I can’t justify it. I must justify it. It deserves justification. It needs validation. It is definitely definition-worthy.This sex needs to be defined because this is far more than sex. This is so much more than sex. “

She goes on to hilariously troll this classic line, we’re all too familiar with.

You know what, no one can describe it as well as her. Just watch the video alright:

Can we please get her to conduct more master classes on how to navigate this hopeless labyrinth that is our love life? Please?